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Utilizing our proprietary Online Freight Bid management application, nVision provides global freight bidding services to deliver competitive rates from a vast number of qualified transportation providers worldwide.

nVision provides a full scale freight bid platform supporting all modes of transportation. nVision's “Bid Services” offers a suite of four freight bid services specifically designed to reduce workload, increase market visibility and support the decision-making process through nVision's advanced optimization and allocation tools.

nVision Global - iProcurement


Quick Quote Service

This is a service perfected to support your frequent non-contractual procurement iniatives including:

  • Quick Quote bid template
  • RFQ launched within one hour
  • nVision transportation provider database access
  • Proposal period range from 6 hours upwards
  • Quick Quote bid summary
Standard 24 Hour Service

This is a standardized service designed for FTL (Full Truck Load) bids including:

  • A standard bid template with a fixed set of decision parameters to choose from.
  • Bids launch within 24 hours
  • nVision transportation provider database access
  • Carrier support
  • Bid simple analysis report delivered within 24 hours after bid collection.
Advanced Service

This is a flexible service designed for LTL, FCL, LCL and complex FTL bids including:

  • Full bid preparation support
  • Bids launch within 24 hours
  • Multiple bidding rounds
  • nVision transportation provider database access
  • Bid management service
  • The advanced analysis report delivered within 48 hours after bid collection
  • Route combination optimization
Project Management Service

Are you planning for centralized freight procurement and/or planning to use iProcurement tools?

This service takes freight procurement to a higher level.

Our experienced professionals will help you to develop a corporate strategy based on best-in class practice freight iProcurement. By taking the project lead role, we set-up a project team, analyze the current situation, develop your strategy, create an action plan and implement the plan by using the Standard 24 or Advanced Service engine.




nVision Quick Quote Service®
The nVision Quick Quote Service® is perfect to support your frequent non-contractual procurement initiatives. It frees up your time, reaches more transportation providers in a shorter time and gives you a fast, comparable bid summary from a large selection of transportation providers.

Are you spending hours on the phone, sending emails and waiting for urgent quotes to come in? About 80% of your freight spend is bid through long-term contracts. However, the remaining 20% are bid in frequent non-contractual procurement initiatives. For example, urgent non-scheduled orders and business units requesting freight costs for commercial offers. These 20% are time consuming, cumbersome, and take your focus away from more value added tasks.

Our Quick Quote Service® is designed to support your frequent non-contractual freight procurement initiatives. No installation or training is needed. Simply send the customized and reusable template to nVision. Receive a ranked bid summary in return within the requested time frame. Through nVision you reach many qualified transportation providers and secure a quick response in a comparable and competitive format.

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nVision Standard 24 Service®
The nVision Standard 24 Service® is all you need to quickly prepare and comfortably conduct your FTL bids in a market conform way. Reach more transportation providers and spend less time than ever before.

Have you spent days or weeks cleansing bid data from transportation providers? Comparing bids across multiple lanes and finding the right mix of transportation providers which comply with your goals and objectives?

Our Standard 24 Service® is a package carefully designed for FTL bids. A system generated, standardized lane data collection file makes sure that your FTL bid is kept in a generic structure for easy bid comparison We launch the bid onto www.nvisionglobal.com within 24 hours. We take care of the bid management for you AND provide a standardized bid comparison report in 24 hours after the bidding period has ended.

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nVision Advanced Service®
The nVision Advanced Service® is a comprehensive package designed for all transportation bid formats (e.g. FTL, LTL, FCL). The service automates complex freight procurement for both contractual and incremental bidding in a quick and reliable way.

Did you know that only 27% of companies only do a limited analysis of freight spend before putting out a bid?* Do you know how to automate bid comparison on an apples to apples basis?

*) Source: Aberdeen Group, "Achieving Closed- Loop Transportation Spend Management"

Our Advanced Service® supports detailed decision making parameter settings across different transportation modes. With the help of generic, system-created bid generator matrixes, we simplify and standardize how you do your freight bids. Our automated bid combination analysis reports are delivered to your desktop in 24 - 48 hours after the bid collection has ended.

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nVision Project Management Service®
The nVision Project Management Service® is a full scale project suite for customers planning to centralize freight procurement. Move away from decentralized, labor intensive and time consuming freight procurement, and gain corporate buying power.

Every logistics manager has his or her own way of performing freight procurement processes. Why not join forces across to gain visibility and buying power?

Our Project Management Service® takes you through all the "must do" steps to achieve a corporate, standardized way of performing freight procurement. Achievements include spend visibility through a standardized rate structure, generic bid templates for all transportation modes and standardized freight contracts for easier maintenance. Based on the outcome of the project, we will set up the nVision 24 service® and/or nVision Advanced Service® as your future freight procurement tools.

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